What does this indicator measure?

The prevalence of diagnosed diabetes (existing cases of the disease) was estimated based on respondents answers to the question, "Has a doctor ever told you that you have diabetes?"

Why is this indicator important?

Diabetes is a group of diseases resulting in high levels of blood glucose (form of sugar) due to defects in insulin production, action, or both. It can lead to serious complications and premature death. People who have diabetes can work with health care providers and support systems to take action, control the disease, and lower their risk for complications. Typically, diabetes is preventable if people incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits into their daily routines.

About the data

Community: Indiana

Reference: U.S.

Goal: No goal has been developed

Measurement Period: 2011

Category: Diabetes and Renal Disease

Community Source: Indiana State Department of Health & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Reference Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Diabetes Data and Statistics