What does this indicator measure?

This measures represents the percent of adults 18 and older who reported consuming more than one sugar-sweetened beverage (including regular soda, sweet tea, energy drinks, specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks and fruit drinks with <50% juice) per day.

Why is this indicator important?

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of added sugar and an important contributor of calories in the U.S. diet (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). They tend to have few, if any, other nutrients, and consumption of these beverages has been linked to increased risk for obesity, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, elevated uric acid levels, gout, and dental caries.

About the data

Community: Indiana

Reference: U.S.

Goal: State Obesity Plan (updated goal)

Measurement Period: 2011

Category: Exercise, Nutrition & Weight

Community Source: Indiana State Department of Health & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Reference Source: N/A